November 11, 2011

November Updates 2

1.) There will be a training for the Haus of Hospitality next Tuesday (November 15) from 7-9 pm. If you want to do any volunteer work at the Newman center, including the Haus of Hospitality, you must attend. We need to have at least 5-7 people. You will find out about other volunteer opportunities and be able to schedule times to work in the Haus of Hospitality. We would love to have a large group so bring your friends who are interested, even if they are not in SAFCS, and want to volunteer their time. 

2.) For those who are baking something for the Holiday Bake Sale, please email me or Britney ( the recipes you are bringing. We must have this in order to go get our food permit. Please have them to us by next Tuesday (November 15) at the VERY latest.

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