What is SAFCS?

What is SAFCS?

The Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (SAFCS) at Eastern Illinois University is the student member chapter of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) and the Illinois Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (ILAFCS). 

As a scientific and educational organization, its purpose is to improve the standards and quality of individual, family, and community life through education, research, legislation, cooperative programs, and public information.

The 4 Roles of SAFCS 

1. To develop interest, knowledge and skill in Family and Consumer Sciences careers and related occupations.

2. To provide opportunities in leadership, responsibility, and decision making.

3. To affiliate and improve local, state, and national relations.

4. To strengthen and become involved with the basic unit of society through individual and group activities.

The Betty Lamp:  Our Symbol Provides Light 

The Betty Lamp
In 1926, the American Home Economics Association (AHEA) adopted the "Betty Lamp" as the symbol for the association.  The Betty Lamp produced comparatively good light for its time and was used widely by early American colonists.  Mildred Chamberlain of Chicago submitted the design stating, "The lamp in colonial days provided light for all household industries." 

The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) retained the symbol as it provides enlightenment through leadership in thought and action for Family and Consumer Sciences Professionals.


To qualify for membership in SAFCS, members must be enrolled as a student in Family and Consumer Sciences or a related field at EIU.  

To attain membership in SAFCS, members must apply using the process described below. 

To maintain membership in SAFCS, members must resubmit the application and dues once per year.

To get the most of membership, be involved in this organization's meetings and events! See the SAFCS calendar for up-to-date details on meetings, events, and other activities.

Membership Process 

Step 1
Download and fill out the membership application, the liability release form, and the photo release form.  
  • Once the "membership application" and "photo release form" files open in Google Docs, find the "File" button on the left-hand side of the screen and click on "Download original" to be able to print files in Adobe Reader as PDFs.  Members may write in the "membership application."
  • Once the "liability release form" file opens in Google Docs, find the "Download" link on the left-hand side of the screen to be able to print the file in Microsoft Word.

Step 2
Print all documents (preferably double-sided for the membership application) and return them to Klehm 1435 along with $75 cash or check (made out to Eastern Illinois University). 
  • If you need assistance paying for dues, you may apply for a HUGS scholarship by the deadline.  If the scholarship is awarded, it pays for half of AAFCS dues ($30).  (SAFCS dues for EIU are not waved.)
Membership Benefits 

1. Employment opportunities nationwide posted on the AAFCS on-line Job Bank.

2. Professional certification to increase your value in the marketplace.

3. The Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences: From Research to Practice to keep you informed of trends, issues, and practical information

4. Networking opportunities with colleagues and mentors in your area of expertise through AAFCS affiliates at the state and local levels and at national annual meetings and expositions.

5. Professional development and career advancement through participation at monthly meeting. 

AAFCS Code of Ethics 

To learn more about the ethical responsibilities of members in AAFCS, read their established code of ethics.