April 16, 2012

Last Meeting of the Semester!

Last Meeting: APRIL 25th from 12-2pm out in the courtyard of Klehm Hall. We will have a barbecue!

It is almost towards the end of the year and all those extra cans of soup you have or vegetables, don't throw them away! Donate them to the Illinois Coalition for Community Service. Please bring your canned goods to the last meeting!

And, CONGRATULATIONS to our new officers:

President- Bree Angelo
Vice President- Monica Reiher
Secretary- Mandie Ellis
Social/Fundraising- Nicole Makowan & Resa Ware
Service/Fundraising-Aiesha Rice & Melissa Pallardy

April 10, 2012

April Means Elections Time!

Our next SAFCS meeting on Wednesday April 11 from 12-1 PM in Klehm Hall 1418. This will be the second to the last SAFCS meeting we will have this year. We are also going to hold ELECTIONS that day for officers for next year. It will be informal, and we strongly encourage everyone to attend and apply for a position. Being an officer is a great resume builder and will help you build your professional experience.  

The positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Social/Fundraising Chair, and Service/Fundraising Chair!

The advisors, Graduate Assistant, and current SAFCS executive members will help you with any questions or concerns during your term if you are an officer. PLEASE think about this and attend the meeting. Also, keep in mind that SAFCS is a student organization for our department and is a great opportunity to be involved with. It is important to get involved and to show your future employers that you have stepped up and taken on a position. 

Our last SAFCS meeting will be Wednesday April 25 from 12-2 PM in Klehm Hall 1418!!

April 1, 2012

Minutes from March 27th Meeting

Our next meeting is APRIL 11th from 12-1pm (it's a Wednesday)!

If anyone is interested in running for an officer position please email bljones2@eiu.edu and Britney can let you know what positions are available. Taking on a leadership role through SAFCS looks good on a resume and is a lot of fun. You will not be alone as an officer because all of the officers work together to make SAFCS the best it can be. It is easy and a lot of fun. Please take an interest in running for an officer position!

If anyone interested in getting a V-Neck or Jersey t-shirt for SAFCS, please email Britney at bljones2@eiu.edu so she can get a total and we can figure out what style we will want. 

For our last meeting, which will be Wednesday, April 25 from 12-2pm, we will be asking that you bring in canned goods to donate to Brandy Barter who was our last guest speaker. The canned donations will go to a shelter.

February 11, 2012

Bake Sale on Monday!!!

Reminder that we are having the bake sale from 8-2 on Monday. If you signed up to sit at the stand or bake something be sure to do so or find someone to cover for you. Just let Jessye know if there are any changes. Bring baked good directly to the table around 8 am in Klehm Hall's north foyer, where we had the bake sale last time. Be sure to drop your recipe off with the baked goods with your name on it if you haven't emailed Jessye with it. Label what you bring and have it portioned out to sell for $1.00. 

Remember you can still participate even if you haven't signed up. Come by the stand when you can or drop some baked goods off!!

January 24, 2012

January 18 Minutes and Other Updates

Remember, our next meeting is WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1st from 12-1 pm in Klehm Hall 1418! 

This is an Etiquette Dinner on FEBRUARY 2nd from 6-8:30 in the MLK Grand Ballroom
Attire: Business Casual
Cost: $15.00
Open to all majors!
If you are interested email Kathy Rhodes at krhodes@eiu.edu

We will also be having a bake sale on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13 from 8-2:30 pm in Klehm Hall. If you can help out with the bake sale, especially during 10:30-11, please contact Jessye at jlhoffhobson@eiu.edu!! Contact her if you want to donate some baked goods for the bake sale too!

If anyone is interested in going to the ILAFCS State Conference on FEBRUARY 24th, please contact Laura at lblucas@eiu.edu! It is a great opportunity! If anyone is interested in presenting a poster from a class that is great professional development! The website for more information is www.ilafcs.org

If you did not attend our last meeting or did not include your name on the Relay-for-Life list and would like to participate, please email me at seduncan2@eiu.edu for more information. For those of you who are on the list and did not receive my email, let me know! And, participants, I'm urging you to register on the American Cancer Society's website so that you can start fundraising and receive recognition for your efforts! Go to: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/?team_id=1039219&pg=team&fr_id=40572

Last, but not least, if you wanted the SAFCS half-zip black sweatshirts, the price is $30.00 and the money is due JANUARY 27th. Please contact Britney at bljones2@eiu.edu!!!!